The II International Ladies Match Quadrangular 2019 will be celebrated from 15 to 17 of February at Costa Ballena Golf Club.

The Italy Golf Squad , winner of the 2018 year edition.

The  Spanish women’s squad will fight for their first victory during the II International Ladies Match Quadrangular 2019 that will be celebrated  from 15 to 17 of February  2019 at Costa Ballena Golf Club.

This will be the chance for  the spanish team  to get the victory of this tournament, after obtained  the third place during its first edition last year 2018.

This International Ladies Quadrangular Match  , which is  only one year old, was inspired by the International Men´s  Match of Costa Ballena born in the year 2001.

Italy, the winner during the year 2018, will not participate in this edition,

This time the tournament will match the squads of Germany, Spain, Finland and Sweden

The program of the competition includes foursomes during the morning and individual matches during the afternoon. The four squads will dare each other during three days. As during the past year, this event become an interesting test to improve the game required by the best amateur players of each country in order  to face the 2019 gof competition season. The players will play as a part of each team are the following:


Sophia Zeeb 1 +4,9 Sarina Schmidt +4,6 Hannah Karg  +1,1 Miriam Emmert +3,0 Verena Gimmy  +4,5 Marie Coors +3,4


Krista Junkkari +0.5 Elina Saksa  +2.8 Emilia Tukiainen +2.0 Ada Huhtala 0.4 Matilda Svahn 1.1 Emilia Torvinen1.4


Natalia Aseguinolaza  +2,5 Marina  Escobar +2,9 Oihana Etxezarreta +1,4 Patricia Garre +1,2 Marta  López Echevarría  +2,2 Carolina López-Chacarra  +1,8 Nieves Martín Torre +1,0 Carla  Tejedo +2,3


Sara Ericsson +2,9 Linn Grant +7,2 Ingrid  Lindblad +4,0 Amanda Linner +3,5 Louise Rydqvist +1,2 Maja Stark +4,9 Elsa Svensson +1,5 Federica Tavelli Westerlund +0,6