Spain will fight for the podium in the International Octagonal Golf Match of Costa Ballena during 23-26 January 2018

Spain will fight for the podium in the Octagonal International Golf Match of Costa Ballena in what would be its ninth victory in the 17th annual edition of this championship, which has been celebrated since 2001. Previously know (until last year) as “International Match  Quadrangular”
In fact, this first Octagonal International Match, is the evolution of the classic Quadrangular one that, innovatively, and for the first time this year, will meet from 23 to 26 January 2018 in Costa Ballena Golf Club to the absolute teams of Germany , Spain, Finland, England, (original competitors) Italy (incorporated to the event in 2017). And Iceland, Holland and Czech Republic, will participate for the first time in this edition
As in the past seasons, this event is an interesting chance to test the game skills of the teams facing the next season. The winning forecast show a Spanish dominance, with its triumph in eight of the 16 editions, but on the other hand, this championship offers great expectations for the very powerful rivals , such as England or Germany, or why not? Italy, that was the revelation team that obtained the triumph during last year 2017.

The development of this match includes the celebration of three days of golf in which the eight teams will face each other, with foursomes in the morning sessions and individual matches during the afternoon.

The winner teams along the history of this classic international golf trophy (in retrospective order) are the following:

2017 triumph for Italy, 2016  triumph for England, 2015 triumph for Spain,2014 triumph for England, 2013 triumph for Spain, 2012 triumph for Spain,2011 triumph for Spain, 2010 triumph for Germany, 2009 triumph for Germany2008 triumph for Spain, 2007 triumph for Spain, 2006 triumph for England,2005 triumph for England, 2004 triumph for Spain, 2003 triumph for Spain,2001 triumph for England