Corporate Gold Days/ Tournaments

We can give you the most efficient Tools in Marketing and Publicity to promote your company. Organizing your own tournament or golf day to effectively publicize directly to your customer base.

Golf is fashionable, and with our 11 year experience organizing tournaments we can confidently say that more and more multinacional, national and International companies are using golf as their vehicle to publicise, market, promote and make contacts using this kind of an event.

We can’t lose sight of the golfer, he/she is usually in a position of power within his/her company with power to buy and sell at a high level. Golf is a generator of business and an excellent tool for publicity and marketing as it combines leisure with business.

Many Studies have been made and above all experience has shown that a company organizing it’s own events benefits from the following:

  • Generates prestige and notoriety for the company.
  • The publicity is direct and quick.
  • Offers the possibility of a speedy investment as your in direct contact with your market i.e. clients and account Holders.
  • A great way to create loyalty with your clients.
  • All Business meetings or discussions can be made in a relaxed manner using golf as the ice breaker.

Whats the next step to organize a tournament in Costa Ballena?

At your disposal you will have a professional team with a wealth of experience in tournament organization, we can guarantee quality service, efficiency and coordination in all aspects related to the event.

Defininitively, you as the sponsor of your tournament can enjoy the quality of the event, the difference between you and other companies in the area by organizing such an event, the fusion between a great golf course and a quality company and above all be able to establish personal relationships with your VIP guests and clients who in the future could be beneficial to your company.