The Oliver Lindell winter trainings, the point of view of a Challenge Tour player.

Today we dive into the thrilling world of golf pro training, and who better to guide us than Oliver Lindell, a standout player on the Challenge Tour and a familiar face on the most demanding courses? With a flawless swing and an undeniable passion for the sport, Oliver has left his mark in every tournament he faces.  Despite his youth, Oliver is an old known in Costa Ballena Golf due to his winter training seasons on this course during several years together with his coach Juha Juvonen. This time, in January 2024, he was sharing training with his friend, also The Challenge Tour player Mathias Honkala. We did the following short interview with Oliver to get his feedback about Costa Ballena Golf as a training winter base for North European pros who are preparing next tournaments.

CBG: How long have you been training at Costa Ballena Golf Club and how were the beginnings here?

OL: For me the first time at Costa Ballena was 13 years ago, crazy how time flies. The course plays pretty differently today than those days when the driver goes almost 100 meters longer😂

CBG: Why do you choose the months of December and January for your training sessions?

OL: On the Challenge Tour the offseason is between November and February, so that’s why their training camps are during the winter.

CBG: Do you truly believe that your training at Costa Ballena positively impacts your performance in competitions and contributes to your overall improvement in the game?

OL: Yes,  I absolutely think so, it’s so nice for us pros to practice at CB during these times when it’s quiet and you can use pretty well all the good practice areas and practise all kinds of shots.

CBG: Up to what point would you recommend other Finnish golfers to come and train at this course, despite the lack of direct flights?

OL: We came (Matias Honkala and Oliver) with a straight flight from Helsinki to Malaga at 6:30 and still managed to play 18 holes on the same day, so it’s not that far away. And it’s really nice at the moment because it’s so quiet and the course is rolling so nicely when there are fewer players.

CBG: What is your next challenge?

OL: The next challenge for me is the season-opening on the Challenge Tour in South Africa in February.

CBG: Thank you so much for granting us this interview, we wish you much luck for your next Challenge 🍀

– Interview and Pics by Costa Ballena Ocean Golf Club Marketing Dept.